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B Trailers proudly extends its renowned trailer rental services to the dynamic city of Orem. Whether you are preparing for a residential relocation, embark on a construction project, or require a reliable method for transporting goods or machinery, our Orem location is ready to support you with diverse trailers tailored to your specific needs.

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B Trailers’ comprehensive fleet in Orem includes:

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Whether you are managing a project, planning a move, or need additional transport capacity, B Trailers provides a range of trailers to meet your requirements. Schedule your rental today and discover why we are Orem’s premier choice for trailer rental services. From professional-grade hauling capabilities and easy booking to our dedicated customer service, B Trailers is committed to supporting your endeavors.


Our Orem fleet features trailers designed to handle professional-grade hauling tasks effectively. Whether you need a sturdy dump trailer for heavy materials or a secure enclosed trailer for valuable assets, we offer solutions that adhere to the highest performance and safety standards.

Easy Booking Process

We have simplified the rental process to ensure efficiency and convenience. Our straightforward online booking system allows you to easily reserve the trailer you need at any time, 24/7, streamlining your preparations for any project.

Dedicated Customer Service

At B Trailers, customer satisfaction drives our service. Our team in Orem is dedicated to supporting your rental needs from start to finish. We offer personalized assistance, ensuring any inquiries or specific requirements you have are addressed promptly and effectively.


  • What types of trailers do you offer for rent in Orem?
    • We offer various trailers, including dump trailers for construction debris, enclosed trailers for secure transportation, and flatbed trailers perfect for heavy or oversized equipment.
  • What are the requirements for renting a trailer?
    • Renters must be at least 21, have a valid driver’s license, provide proof of insurance, and ensure their vehicle is equipped with a suitable hitch and electrical hook-ups.
  • How do I correctly load and secure equipment on a trailer?
    • Balance the load with heavier items towards the front. Secure the load at designated points on both the trailer and the cargo with straps or chains, ensuring the total weight does not exceed the trailer’s maximum capacity.
  • What is the maximum weight that your trailers can handle?
    • Maximum capacity varies by trailer type. Our utility trailers can handle up to 3,000 pounds, while larger equipment trailers can accommodate more substantial weights.
  • Are there specific safety checks I should perform before using the trailer?
    • Conduct a safety check to ensure the trailer is correctly hitched, all lights function properly, tires are properly inflated, and the load is securely tied down.
  • Can I extend my rental period if I need more time with the trailer?
    • Yes, extensions can be arranged, subject to availability. Please contact us as soon as possible to request an extension. Depending on the extended duration, additional charges may apply.

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We serve customers throughout Utah County and beyond, inviting anyone willing to drive to Eagle Mountain, Utah, for pickup. Our service areas include:

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