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Ideal for transporting items that need protection from weather

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18' Cargo

Enclosed Trailer

In Utah, with its varying climate and landscapes, an enclosed trailer is excellent for transporting sensitive equipment, recreational vehicles, or personal belongings, ensuring protection from weather, road debris, and providing secure storage during transit.

  • Trailer Specs:

    Stock #: SL2734

    Color: Charcoal .030 Bonded Aluminum

    Overall Length: 21’10” Width: 8’6″ Height: 9’0″

    Interior/Bed: Length: 18′ Box + V-Nose Width: 7’1″ Height: 7’0″

    Door/Ramp: Rear Spring Assist Ramp Door (Width: 78″ x Height: 80″)

    Weight: 2,782 lbs. | GVWR: 7,815 lbs | Payload: 5,033 lbs.

    Axle(s): 3,500 lb. Lippert Spring Electric Axle w/ EZ Lube Hubs

    Tire/Wheel: ST205/75R15 | Load Range C

    Coupler: type: Bumper Pull | Size 2 5/16″ | 7-Way 12V Converter


    Standard Features:

    HSS Structural Tubing Steel Frame

    Side Man Door (28″ wide x 77″ tall)

    3/8 Plywood Interior Walls

    3/4″ Plywood Floor

    Roof Vent

    Enclosed Wiring

    Interior Lights w/ Wall Switch

    Automotive Style Undercoating

    24″ Diamond Plate Rock Guard

    Electric Breakaway Kit

    Side Cross Flow Vents

    Aluminum Diamond Plate Fenders

  • Trailer Details

    Condition: New

    Year: 2023

    Manufacturer: Southland Trailers

    Model: 7.5 x 18 Royal

    Floor Length: 18′ or 216.00″

    Width: 7’6 or 90.00″

    Height: 7′ or 84.00″

    Weight: 2782 lbs

    GVWR: 7815 lbs

    Payload Capacity: 5033 lbs

    Axle Capacity: 3500 lbs

    Color: Charcoal

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When to Rent an Enclosed Trailer

Selecting the right equipment trailer for your project can make a significant impact, and renting an enclosed trailer from B Trailers in Eagle Mountain offers the flexibility and efficiency your operation requires. Our enclosed trailers are ideal for a wide range of applications, from moving and relocation to business and commercial use. Their durable design and substantial payload capacity make them perfect for transporting and securing cargo and materials efficiently. Our enclosed trailers are perfect for:

Moving and Relocation

Moving and Relocation

For those moving across town or relocating to a new city, an enclosed trailer is indispensable for safely transporting belongings. It offers protection from weather, dust, and road debris, ensuring items arrive in the same condition they left. With secure, lockable doors, valuables are safeguarded against theft, providing peace of mind throughout the moving process. The ample space and organizational capabilities allow for efficient packing and easy access, making the move go more seamlessly.

Construction and Contracting

Construction and Contracting

When it comes to construction or contracting projects, an enclosed trailer is a must-have for hauling heavy equipment, tools, and building materials. It shields valuable tools and supplies from weather damage and theft, keeping them in top condition. The enclosed rental trailer can also be converted into a mobile workshop, providing a convenient and organized on-site workspace, enhancing productivity, and ensuring projects go more seamlessly.



An enclosed trailer rental is crucial for transporting equipment, tools, and materials during landscaping projects, whether you're redesigning a garden or undertaking a large-scale overhaul. It protects gear from the elements and offers secure storage, keeping everything in one place and easily accessible. This enhances efficiency and ensures that landscaping projects go more seamlessly.

Event and Trade Shows

Event and Trade Shows

An enclosed trailer rental makes setting up for a trade show, exhibition, or community event much easier. It is essential for transporting displays, booths, and promotional materials, providing secure and organized storage to protect items from damage and theft. With everything in one place, setting up and taking down displays becomes quicker and more efficient, making event participation go more seamlessly.



An enclosed trailer is vital for transporting motorcycles, ATVs, or automotive parts. It shields valuable vehicles and equipment from road debris and weather, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. The utility trailer can also serve as a mobile garage, allowing for on-site repairs and maintenance, making automotive projects go more seamlessly.



An enclosed trailer makes heading out for a camping trip or transporting sports equipment much easier. It keeps gear safe from weather and theft, ensuring everything is ready when needed. Organized storage allows for easy access to equipment, making recreational activities more efficient and enjoyable.

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What Makes B-Trailers Stand Out Above the Rest?

Renting an enclosed trailer from B Trailers isn’t just about moving your items; it’s about making sure your project proceeds smoothly, without complications, and with the right equipment for success. Whether your needs are large or small, our fleet of new, high-quality enclosed trailers is prepared to meet the challenge.

Quality Fleet

Our enclosed trailers are meticulously maintained to ensure quality and durability, guaranteeing you receive the most dependable and high-performing equipment for your needs. Our enclosed trailer rentals are built to withstand the demands of frequent use while maintaining peak performance over time.

Versatile Size Options

Our enclosed trailers come in a variety of sizes to meet diverse needs, ensuring you have the right fit for any project. The featured model, Stock #: SL2734, offers a versatile and spacious interior with specs designed to handle a wide range of tasks. With an overall length of 21’10”, a width of 8’6”, and a height of 9’0”, this trailer provides ample space while maintaining easy maneuverability. The interior dimensions include an 18’ box plus a V-nose, 7’1” width, and 7’0” height, offering generous room for your cargo.

Competitive Pricing

At just $60 per day, renting an enclosed trailer is an excellent and affordable choice for all your transport needs.

Booking your enclosed trailer rental is easy. Simply contact us with your project details and preferred trailer size, and we’ll take care of the rest. With B Trailers, you’re not just renting an enclosed trailer; you’re partnering with a team committed to helping you achieve your project goals efficiently and reliably.

Don’t let your project be hindered by inadequate equipment. Choose B Trailers for enclosed trailer rentals that offer quality, versatility, and competitive pricing to keep your project on track. Contact us today to reserve your trailer and take the first step toward successful project completion.

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What Our Customers Say


  • What size ball/hitch do I need to rent one of your trailers?
    • A 2 5/16″ ball is needed for any of our trailer rentals.
  • What size vehicle is appropriate to tow a trailer?
    • Please check your vehicle’s towing capacity limits and refer to the specs under the trailer you wish to rent. Each spec includes the trailer’s gross weight.
  • Do you require security deposits?
    • Yes, we require a $250 security deposit per trailer at the time of rental. Upon inspection upon return, if there are no damages, the refund will be issued to the credit card used for payment.
  • Where are you located?
    • We are a family-owned, home-based business located in Eagle Mountain, UT.
  • Do you offer same-day rentals?
    • Yes, we do offer same-day rentals. Please call us to check the availability of the trailer you need.
  • How long is a one-day rental period?
    • The one-day rental period typically lasts for 24 hours. If you pick up the trailer Monday at 1pm, it will need to be returned to us by 1pm Tuesday to be ready for the next rental customer.
  • Do you deliver or haul away the enclosed trailers?
    • Generally, we only rent trailers from our location, and customers are responsible for pick-up and drop-off. If you have special circumstances, please call us to discuss possible arrangements.
  • What is required for contract and insurance purposes?
    • At the time of pick up, we will need a copy of the driver’s driver license and a copy of the driver/vehicle’s current auto insurance policy. The driver must be a signer on the contract. If a business is renting the trailer, both the business representative and the driver will need to sign the contract.

Other Trailer Options

Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Multi-use transport for any load you want to protect from the elements.

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