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In the heart of Utah County, there’s a family-owned and operated business that’s more than just a trailer rental service. We understand the challenges and demands of maintaining homes and businesses, and we’re here to help lighten the load with our reliable, high-quality trailers. Whether you’re moving house, clearing yard waste, or need an extra hand on your construction project, B-Trailers has the perfect solution for you.

At B-Trailers, we’re here to offer Utah County residents a convenient, cost-effective way to tackle any project, big or small. Need to haul materials for a home renovation, clean up after a big landscape project, carry equipment for a construction site, or set up for a local event? We’ve got you covered. Our fleet of clean, well-maintained trailers comes in various sizes and capacities, ensuring you get just the right fit for your task. Forget about the hassle and expense of buying and maintaining your own trailer; we provide the flexibility you need to get the job done efficiently and safely.

What sets us apart isn’t just our range of trailers; it’s our commitment to the community and the personalized, attentive service we bring to every rental. At B-Trailers, we’re more than a service provider; we’re your neighbors, invested in making every project a success. With us, you’re not just renting a trailer; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to supporting you and your working projects in Utah County.

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At B Trailers, we take pride in providing trailer rental services to the residents of Utah County. We offer a range of trailers to meet the diverse needs of our Utah County customers. Whether you’re diving into a significant construction endeavor, planning a landscape transformation, or need to transport sensitive equipment, our versatile fleet is equipped to support your projects with efficiency and reliability.

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Choosing B-Trailers means more than just accessing the best tools for the job; it means benefiting from a commitment to exceptional customer service and community values. We’re dedicated to providing personalized service and flexible rental options that align perfectly with your project timelines and budget constraints. With B-Trailers, you’re not just renting a trailer; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring your project’s success.


We provide top-notch trailers in Utah County for every type of haul, ensuring a safe and reliable transport experience.

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Quickly reserve your trailer online with our easy booking system, making us the top choice for trailer rentals in Utah.

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Pick up and return your trailer within 24 hours at our Eagle Mountain location, guaranteed to fit your busy schedule.


  • What Hitch Size Do I Need?
    • Choosing the right hitch size is crucial for safe towing. We’ll guide you through understanding your vehicle’s towing capacity and matching it with the trailer’s requirements, ensuring a secure fit every time.
  • How Do I Choose the Best Trailer for My Project?
    • Selecting the right trailer depends on several factors, including the type of cargo, weight, and haul distance. Our team is here to offer expert advice, whether you’re looking for an equipment trailer rental or a utility trailer rental in Utah.
  • What equipment is required to be on a trailer?

    Every trailer must be equipped with the proper safety and operational equipment. This includes working tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, reflectors, and, depending on the load and trailer type, brakes. Additionally, it’s crucial to have the correct hitch, safety chains, and, for certain types of trailers, a breakaway switch.

  • How to load heavy equipment on a trailer?

    Loading heavy equipment on a trailer requires careful planning. First, ensure the trailer is on level ground and securely attached to the tow vehicle. Use ramps that can safely support the weight of the equipment. Load the heaviest part of the equipment near the front of the trailer to distribute weight evenly, preventing the trailer from swaying. Always refer to the trailer and equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for specific loading instructions.

  • How to tie down heavy equipment on a trailer?

    Secure heavy equipment using tie-downs rated for the equipment’s weight. Attach tie-downs to the equipment’s designated anchor points and the trailer’s built-in tie-down points. The number of tie-downs used should comply with regulations, typically one tie-down for every 10 feet of equipment length. Double-check that the equipment is immobilized and the tie-downs are tensioned correctly before moving.

  • What's the maximum load capacity for your trailers?

    The maximum load capacity for our trailers varies depending on the trailer type and model. Our utility trailers can generally handle loads from 2,000 to 7,000 pounds, while heavier equipment trailers might accommodate up to 12,000 pounds or more. It’s essential to choose a trailer that matches the weight of your equipment or cargo to ensure safe transportation.

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Ready to tackle your next project with ease? Rent a trailer from B-Trailers today and experience the difference of working with Utah County’s top trailer rental service. Whether you need a dump, enclosed, or flatbed trailer, we have the right size and type to meet your project requirements.

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